Our Promise

Orange Koi promises to deliver highly precise metal or alloy components in various high technology materials in low or high volume for applicaitons in medical, electronics, automotive, industrial, aerospace and defense.

State-of-the-art metal injection molding technology

We’ve built our MIM capability to deliver the highest quality small metal components at scale. It means we can offer outstanding levels of chemistry control, strength, and density across a wide range of alloys. And we can do it at virtually any volume. 

Ultimately, it means we can deliver the components you need to drive your products forward.

In-house MIM expertise

We are proud to employ the best MIM practices. It means we can work with you from initial idea to final component, giving you the benefit of our know-how at every stage. 

So with Orangekoi, you can create better components, for less cost, faster.

Correct choice of alloy

There are a wide variety of materials available for metal injection molding—from stainless steel to tungsten alloys to super-alloys such as cobalt-chromium.

Orange Koi experts can also create custom alloys to deliver the right balance of performance and cost for your products. So you get components precisely suited to your needs.

Better performance and reliability

We aim to deliver more consistent parts, more efficiently, at lower costs. Our goal is to optimize the MIM processes so that expenses associated with secondary processes such as machining are lower or near zero.

To achieve this we build molds that are more efficient for high-volume production and put in as much complexity as needed up front to avoid costly machining and secondary operations.

Design freedom

We’ll help you integrate and consolidate multiple components into a single molded piece—reducing the need for multiple suppliers and decreasing processing and assembly costs. (You’ll also get parts that are stronger, more cost-effective, and closer to the original design intent.)

As a process, MIM frees designers from the traditional constraints of trying to shape stainless steel, iron, copper, titanium, and other materials.

The result is greater freedom for designers and better products for your customers.


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